Can saving for retirement lower your student loan payments?

We established a "Divided and Conquer" strategy to paying off our student loan debt. While aggressively paying down our private student loans, we are currently planning to eliminate our federal student loans through public service loan forgiveness. Plus, we share all kinds of crazy numbers to demonstrate the link between retirement contributions and income-based student loan repayment. 

A (more) Powerful Plan for Repaying our Student Loan Debt

Last time we talked student loans was just 4 weeks after we took our budget by the reigns and committed to making some big changes. We've done a work on our personal finances since then, and we found ourselves ready to step up our debt repayment game. This is the first of two posts on how we set a more powerful plan for repaying our student loans. 

No one needs to approve except for you.

Each of us comes packaged with highly variable values and priorities. Just like there is no single standard of beauty, there are a multitude of ways to define what it means to live a good life. It's why we all want different things in romantic partners, household budgets, and political candidates. Building a meaningful life (much like setting big financial goals) requires a deeply moving "Why?" Also... a bit about the evils of external validation.